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Unique Hybrid Schedule

Gowensville Christian School's daily schedule will meet Monday-Thursday from 8am-2pm.  Fridays will be considered Flex days, when campus will be open with educators on site to provide a half-day, optional study hall and tutoring atmosphere.  Students must understand that optional attendance on Fridays is a privilege to allow for community involvement, service and internship off-campus.

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Gowensville Christian School’s hybrid-schedule allows for four days of in-person instructional classroom time (Mondays-Thursdays 8am-2pm) and a flex day on Friday where campus will be open from 8am-noon.  Friday is a unique opportunity for students to practice effective time-management in completing the assignments given during their courses or investing their time in off-campus opportunities. 


GCS and GCS parents will often emphasize to students that this flexible schedule is a privilege to be earned.  Flex-day Friday attendance will be mandatory for 7th-8th grade students for a set time frame agreed upon by the recommendation of the school and the student’s parents.  When a GCS student demonstrates responsible maturity in completion of classroom assignments, they may submit an application to use their time on Fridays off-campus.  Their applications will be approved pending agreement between GCS administration and the student’s parents.

It will be highly recommended that parents require 9th-12th grade students attend Flex-day Fridays for a set time frame until they also, transition to the unique flexibility but rigor of the GCS course requirements.  Parents and students in 9th-12th grade may submit applications to exempt Friday attendance at any point.  Applications requesting exemption from Flex-Friday attendance are available upon request in the front office.  If at any point, a GCS student’s academic success struggles, this exemption privilege will be removed and attendance on Flex-Fridays will again become mandatory.


Flex-day Fridays on Campus

Campus will be open on Fridays from 8am-noon.  At least two educators/staff and the front-desk receptionist will be on-campus during this time.  Students will have the opportunity to study and complete assignments from the week in a study-hall-style atmosphere.  Educators will be available to proctor make-up tests/quizzes/assignments or provide basic tutoring support.  Students who are done with assignments may use the gym or other classrooms that are open to socialize.  This gym time is a privilege and can be restricted at the discretion of the staff on-campus.  Students are expected to make efficient use of this time and treat the staff, campus, and facility with respect.  All drop-off/pick-up, security, conduct, cell phone, dress-code and other policies apply.

Rachel Hyder

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