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Classical Education


The purpose of partnering with Veritas Classical Schools is to mold students into thinkers who can analyze and critique ideas from a distinctively biblical perspective.  Grades 7th-12th curriculum integrates history (world and American), literature (classical, American, British), composition, grammar, study skills, logic and critical thinking.

Veritas Classical Schools

GCS is partnering with the well-established curriculum provided by Veritas Classical School for two decades in the greater Atlanta area.  Explore the curriculum on their website linked here.


The purpose of Classical Education is to help mold students into thinkers; young men and women who do not simply "regurgitate" the information they have been fed, but rather analyze, critique and affect the world by applying biblical wisdom to their lives, families and communities.  It is our goal that students learn to THINK, not just blindly memorize facts required for standardized testing.  Students are taught to be lifelong learners consistently evaluating and critiquing relevant issues and skillfully communicating their thoughts and ideas.  Students are taught factual and philosophical truth and to evaluate messages from the world around them and defend their beliefs in a spirit of kindness and confidence.

Candidates for Enrollment

The student who will prosper at GCS is one living in a family who values academic, spiritual and moral education. He or she understands the home is the primary educational setting and has a strong work ethic and appreciates the rewards of a job well done.  The family seeks an education that will prepare the student to grow in wisdom and stature and favor with God and man.

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